Prodigal Sim is a not for profit Prodigal Son fanwork.

Created & Produced By

ponderosa121 & sonshineandshowers


TheCosmicMushroom - Gameplay Design
wonder_boy - Additional Writing & QA
JustinOwensArt - Background Artist

With Special Thanks To

bluesoaring for key suggestions and comma wrangling
members of the Prodigal Son Trash Discord for encouragement


used under linked licenses
modifications: all audio trimmed to fit

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

20111029.parakeet - dobroide
falling shoe boxes 2 - fresco
Merry Go Round - GaryEdstrom
Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1) - InspectorJ
Cash Register - kiddpark
NYC Subway - knufds
News Intro - Maximilien
Kaka (New Zealand parrot) - Mings
Round 1\\2\\3 Fight! Announcer Deep Voice - exe2be
phone-ring - sapatac
Axe Throwing Hitting Flesh.wav - SoundFlakes
door_chime - Taira Komori
015 walking time square part 2 - tim.kahn

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

Bye Bye - Crowander
Smile from the Mirror - Crowander

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

Game Music - edwardszakal
77CarHorn - fschaeffer
Axe Impact 2 - LiamG_SFX
Beat Background Music Loop - Migfus20
Lincoln Center Plaza... - shuraifa

Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0

Mr Budgie and whistles - phantaglyph

Creative Commons0 1.0 Universal Public Domain

Rustling - 13FPanska_Machacova_Petra
Dog barks - 16FVolejnikovaA
Background Noises - AlyssaB2043
Door Open Close - amholma
sizzling_frypan - beatmad
Rabbit rattling cage bars - BeeProductive
Glasses Clinking - danhelbling
Parakeets - Dean-Raul_DiArchangeli
Birds Chirping on a Tree 1 - freelibras
8bit Fall - Fupicat
Crowded Bar - Ambient Loop - gagehurley78
man scream - insanity54
Camera shutter - jdaniel1999
Phone Ringtone - jhyland
wah wah sad trombone - kirbydx
subway platform +trains pass NYC, USA - kyles
getting hung up on three beeps - lyd4tuna
a gentle breeze, wind 3 - mario1298
a gentle breeze, wind 4 - mario1298
Water splashes - Michel Baradari
Footsteaps_Walk - Nox_sound
small giggle.wav - Reitanna
manlaugh - sagetyrtle
metal gate - thiagoassis82terror
Bottles Breaking - Tim_Verberne
Bird Wings - TOC1
Budgie chirps - tomattka
Cartoon Kiss_cjohnstone.wav - trijohnstone

Select Minigames Adapted From

Laser Tag - jsfehler
QTE - rsami
Chess - Ruolin Zheng
Blackjack - Ruslan Nebykov
Fishing/Darts - Ruslan Nebykov
Hidden Object - Ruslan Nebykov

Made with Ren'Py

This program contains free software under a number of licenses, including the MIT license and GNU Lesser General Public License. A complete list of software, including links to full source code, can be found here.